Pet Kiss Original Water Additive - 1 gallon


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Pet Oral Care, made simple, Effective and Natural.

Pet Kiss Water Additive was developed to provide dogs and cats with the essential daily oral hygiene care they need. By the age of three 80% of dogs and cats show signs of oral disease.


Helps to clean teeth, freshen breath and reduce plaque and tartar.


Alcohol free. No brushing required.


A Natural, Healthy Aid For Any Dog or Cat's Dental Hygiene Program!

Available in 8oz., 16oz.
and Gallon Size Bottles


Our Customers Say...
My 14 year old yorkie has never had a dental cleaning in his life. The plaque and tartar buildup was so bad, I could literally scrape it off the teeth with my fingernail. This product is SO AMAZING! THANK YOU!... KAREN HINKLEY, LAS VEGAS, NV

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