NEW Pet Kiss Dental Spray - 4 oz. Bottle


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Brush-Free Daily Oral Care in a Convenient Spray

All Natural — New and Improved Did you know that by age three, 4 out of 5 dogs and cats show signs of oral disease which can lead to serious health problems? For pet lovers at home or on the go — now you can provide your dog or cat with daily oral hygiene care using Pet Kiss Dental Spray — a convenient all-in-one natural spray for fresher breath and cleaner teeth. Simply spray into your pet’s mouth daily, covering teeth and gums, and relax! The spray dissolves instantly as all-natural ingredients work together to promote better oral health for your pet without any brushing required. Made from a natural blend of zinc, chlorophyll, propolis, grapefruit and vanilla mint. Try our new and improved Pet Kiss Dental Spray and give your pet a healthier life — naturally!


New and improved — naturally derived ingredients


Simple to use Oral Care Maintenance


Cleans teeth — freshens breath


No brushing required


Alcohol free


Great for home use or travel


A safe, natural, and healthy aid for your pet’s dental hygiene


Vet Recommended

Our Customers Say...
I have a very hectic schedule and this product is so easy to use and so effective. I couldn't believe the difference in my dog's mouth after the first dose! Thanks for a product that finally works!


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